Why Does My Rabbit Do That?

Are you confused about why your rabbit acts the way he does? The following descriptions may help you understand your rabbit companion. Begging: Begging is sooo cute and extremely hard to resist. Rabbits may press their nose through the cage wire or run circles around your feet if…

Keeping Company with Rabbits

Are rabbits soft and fuzzy? Most definitely. Are rabbits as cuddly as they look? Not necessarily. Is a rabbit more like a cat or a dog? Neither. A rabbit is like a rabbit.   Are you expecting your rabbit to come running when called? They seldom do. However, having a carrot in hand may…

Getting to Know Thumper

Rabbits don’t meow, bark or speak. Well actually, they do speak. They speak their own language. A language we humans must learn in order to communicate with them proficiently – or at the very least, to understand their behavior. As HRS educators, we get calls and e-mails nearly every day asking…

Rabbit Digs

Their twirling around the room leaping and dancing makes you laugh. Their little butt twitching as they devour a fresh piece of banana is most adorable. Their sleeping so soundly makes you smile and wish you could sleep so contently. But when your rabbit takes a nibble out of your favorite chair or…

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